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When you are really tired, any goal seems unattainable. At such moments, ordinary water only quenches thirst, but does not help the body to regain strength.
Saline solution of electrolytes and trace elements that are the basis of RUN! drinks help body to recover. B vitamins and L-carnitine normalize the functioning of the immune and nervous systems and help to improve metabolism.
There is nothing superfluous about RUN! Only science and experience of professionals. Do not wait for a "second wind" or a new start on the way to your goal – just have RUN! before, during, or after your workout.
Feel that the goal is very close!
In case of intense load, a positive attitude is also necessary. Sunny fruits will help here. A boost of vivacity and good mood in the tropical mix of RUN!
Think of a CrossFit in a pine forest or a jog in the park. The berry mix will fill the body with emotions and give strength for new starts.
Taste rules the world. A refreshing charge of juicy lemon and lime combined with useful minerals will give strength and energy to achieve your goal
The chilling coolness of juicy mango inspires an intense workout, and useful minerals help to recover and get ready for new records!